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How to Install the Industrial Door Knobs

Door knobs are important as they protect our house for us. With a doorknob, we are provided with an ability to get into rooms easily, and they also help us keep the unwanted guests out. Even though they serve the same purpose, industrial door knobs are quite different as compared to residential door knobs. When door knobs are not installed properly, various problems are experienced. Below are some of the information that you would want to know about the different door knobs.

It is possible that the accurate hardware company you are working for has expensive valuables. This is one of the reasons explaining why you should install a high quality door knob. It is important for you to ensure that the valuables belonging to your customers have been protected. Even though the residential knobs are sturdy, they are not always enough. You should therefore make sure that you have chosen ab industrial door knob which will ensure that your property is fully protected.

When it comes to installation of industrial door knobs, you should make sure that you know how to remove the old one before you introduce the new one. Hiring the professionals would provide with great benefits for someone who is trying to make the installation for the first time. Instead of bringing down your industrial door, hiring a professional to remove the old door knob for you would save you on a lot of money. The professionals will ensure that you have been prevented from breaking your expensive industrial door. The professionals understand the needs of every type of door knob.

After successfully removing the doorknob, the next process that follows is installing a new one. When installing the new door knob, you begin by connecting the latch plate first. The latch plate is the piece used to connect the door knob. In this case, you will be required to have a working unit. Make sure that the tapered side of the latch is facing the door. The plate is then secured to the door.

You should then proceed to installing the exterior face. This is the part that we use when getting into any building. Hiring a knob installation company allows the installation process to be completely successful. If you are making the installation for the first time, chances are you may not be able to align the knob with the hole on the door. The installation process is quite difficult especially when someone fails to align the spindle with the hole. After installing the interior face, you should then proceed to installing the strike plate as the final part of the installation process. Know more about doors at

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